Muisti- tai päiväkirja, keskiaikateema

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This practical book is made of hand-made paper and bound in embossed leather with traditional cross-stitch. Of course, it is not only perfectly suited as a diary, but also as a general-purpose notebook, for example for customers' orders, addresses, drawings etc.

Our leather journals feature embossments of ancient, historical motifs. In present case, the design consists of medieval ornaments, with an adorned circle - probably a representation of the sun - on one side and an ornate cross on the other side.

The book features a leather ribbon which can be securely tied up for proper closing.

Each diary is purely hand-crafted. Slight variations in patterns and size may thus arise.

- Size: approx. 210 x 140 mm
- Leather thickness: approx. 2 mm
- Number of sheets: approx. 125 (= approx. 250 usable pages)
- Weight: approx. 450 g