Nahkakantinen muistikirja pentagrammi kohokuvioinnilla n18x23cm

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Black Leather Diary with Pentagram, approx. 18 x 23 cm

This practical book is made of hand-made paper and bound in embossed leather with traditional cross-stitch.
Of course, it is not only perfectly suited as a diary, but also as a general-purpose notebook, for example for customers' orders, addresses, drawings, magic formulas etc.

Our leather journals feature embossments of ancient, historical motifs.
In present case, the design is a magical pentagram symbol surrounded by Celtic interlaced ornaments.

Each diary is purely hand-crafted. Slight variations in patterns and size may thus arise.

- Size: approx. 230 x 180 mm
- Leather thickness: approx. 2 mm
- Number of sheets: approx. 120 (= approx. 480 usable pages)
- Weight: approx. 1400 g