neulakotelo Birka 900-luku messinkiä

neulakotelo Birka 900-luku messinkiä

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This beautiful needle case was made after a finding in a viking womens grave in birka. It is dated to the 10th century. Needle cases have not only been found in birka but also in viking localities like gotland.

It is made of bronze casting. Mostly needle cases like this have been made of rolled plates. Some have been decorated, some have been rather functional.

We recommend to put some virgin wool into the case, so needle find the hold they need and are accessible any time.

A classy accessories for the viking womens dress. Needle cases like this are likely to be worn on chains fixed on the shell fibulas.

Dimensions viking bronze needle case 10th century:

Length: app. 5cm
Height: app. 2cm
Depth: app. 1cm