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Viking Tunic Ove with Herringbone Pattern, brown

Our knee-length tunic is made from sturdy cotton fabric with herringbone weave and enhanced with colour contrasting details from cotton canvas. It is elaborately finished and designed as an outer garment.

The round neckline has a slit on the front. The split neck can be worn open or closed with a fibula or brooch, according to your preferences. The tunic is straight cut and has slits on the side seams, allowing for adequate freedom of movement.

The tunic's look and cut are historically true to the northern European garb of the Early Middle Ages, which was characterized by knee-length outerwear, simple patterns mainly consisting of rectangles sewn together, and an unostentatious overall appearance. This kind of simple cut has been documented by various archaeological finds made (amongst others) in Bernuthsfeld (8th c.) and Thorsberg (4th c.), Germany. There is also ample archaeological evidence for the use of herringbone twill weave at that time, for example in Hedeby and Birka.

This tunic is ideal for the portrayal of Norsemen. For an authentic look, we recommend you to wear it with a leather belt.

Please note: Delivery includes the tunic only! The other items pictured above are available separately in our online shop.

- Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
- Colour: brown
(also available: wine red, blue)
- Material: 100% cotton
- Length overall size L: approx. 117 cm
(measured from the centre back neck down to the bottom hem)
- Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry