Paistinpannu, ripustuskoukulla

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Our replica of a medieval hanging-pan is hand-forged from iron. 
You can hook it or, thanks to its flat form, put it on every tripod or even directly into the fire.

The pan is made from non-stainless steel and was hence lightly oiled as a protective measure against corrosion.

Please take note of the following care instructions:
Prior to first use, an iron pan should always be properly seasoned. Before starting with the procedure, it is of paramount importance to clean the pan thoroughly with hot water, a washing brush or sponge and some washing-up liquid, and to dry it carefully. Then pour enough high-smoking-point cooking oil in the pan to cover the entire frying surface evenly (you can also use lard), and heat it to high temperature. Add raw potato peels or potato slices, a teaspoon of salt and let fry until the bottom of the pan darkens and the potato pieces have acquired a dark brown colour after repeated turning. Once the empty pan has cooled off, just wipe it with a piece of kitchen roll.

Once cleaned and pre-treated, an iron pan should in no way get in contact with any kind of detergent. Dishwashers are also a no-no. After use, just clean your pan with kitchen roll and, if need be, hot water. Once cleaned, as a final step, the pan should be lightly re-greased.

- Material: approx. 1.5 mm steel (non stainless)
- Diameter: approx. 28 cm
- Height overall: approx. 30.5 cm
- Weight: approx. 1380 g