Pitkäpuukko Seax 1000-luvulta

Pitkäpuukko Seax 1000-luvulta

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The sax  was very popular in various shapes and lengths during germanic early medieval days. Sax really means knife and there were originals found with very short blades. Saxes longer than swords were also found however.

The original of our long-sax was found in England and dated from the 9th century. It has a massive horn hilt, riveted to the tang. There is a fuller forged in the blade.

- includes 3mm thick leather sheath
- total length: approx. 60 cm
- blade length: approx. 44 cm
- max. blade width: 5.5 cm
- cutting edge: approx. 1 mm
- weight: approx. 1.35 kg