Raskas keskiaikainen kirveenterä

Raskas keskiaikainen kirveenterä

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Heavy Medieval Axe Blade

Hand-forged medieval axe head made from one piece of high-quality carbon steel. It was left in its unpolished state on purpose, as the hammer traces from the forging process lend a very rustic and authentic appearance.

In the early Middle Ages, such axes were commonly used both as weapons an tools.

- Overall length (from edge to butt) : approx. 19 cm
- Max. width (edge length): approx. 16 cm
- Cutting edge: almost sharp, but not sharpened
- The eye of the blade is approx. 31 x 23 mm.
- Weight: approx. 1250 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.