Aventail, rengaspanssarikaulus

Aventail, rengaspanssarikaulus

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Zinc-plated Mail Aventail with leather edge, ID 8mm, butted rings, niitatut lenkit

An aventail is a piece of chain mail, which in the Middle Ages was fastened to the helmet for additional neck and shoulder protection. Favoured helms were for example the nasal helmet, but most notably the late medieval bascinet or one of its versions, the houndskull or pig face helm.

This chainmail aventail features an authentic jagged edge and a thick cowhide strap sewn to the top. The fixing holes are to be punched in the leather by the customer.

This chain maille is made of galvanized, round, butted rings. Galvanizing the rings' surface provides protection from corrosion (rust). We call this type of chain mail BMSZ (Butted Mild Steel Zinc-plated).
The weave is 4 in 1.

- Material: butted steel rings
- Large enough to cover the shoulders
- Jagged edge
- Inner ring diameter: approx. 8 mm
- Ring thickness: approx. 1.6 mm
- Finish: zinc-plated
- Length of leather piece: approx. 55 cm
- Weight: approx. 3.5 kg