Saxon-teltta, Jorvik, 2 x 4 m

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Saxon-teltta, Jorvik, 2 x 4 metriä. 

Tässä paketissa on mukana kaikki mitä teltan pystyttämiseen tarvitset.


Saxon Tent Jorvik, 2 x 4 m

This compact-sized Saxon tent is modeled on historical examples and offers ample space for 1-2 occupants with their respective gear. Only two people are required to pitch it swiftly in just a few simple steps. The longer poles are sectional, allowing for easy storage and transport of the medieval tent.

With an inner height of approx. 2.10 m, it even allows statelysized Vikings to stand upright. The approx. 1.82 m high sewed-on awning offers good sun and rain protection. The door can be easilyrolled open on either side and tied with a bow to each side of the tent wall. It closes with eyelets and loops.

The entrance isapprox. 1.80 m high. The bottom edge closes with a sod cloth that flaps into the inside and keeps wind gusts, dirt and dust out.

The historical Saxon tent is waterproofed and treated against mildew and mould. 

Delivery includes all accessories needed for the proper setting up and fastening of the tent.

- Dimensions: approx. 2 x 4 m
- Entrance height: approx. 1.80 m
- Inner height: approx. 2.10 m
- Canopy height: approx. 1.82 m (+ approx. 12 cm with end tips)
- Weight: approx. 15 kg

- 1 tent skin
- 2 sectional vertical poles from iron, approx. 2.10 m
- 1 ridge pole from iron, approx. 2.00 m
- 2 awning poles from iron, approx. 1.82 m
- 4 large tent pegs
- 11 small tent pegs
- 4 cotton guy-ropes with tensioners