Seax pitkäpuukko Gotlannista

Seax pitkäpuukko Gotlannista

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Sisältää veron Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

This beautiful early medieval seax is a replika made after a finding in Slite / Gotland.

measures seax:
total length: 43 cm
Blade length: 28 cm
Blade height: app. 3.5 cm at broadest part
Balde width: app. 0.4 cm at broadest part

Material blade: Carbon steel, not stainless!

measures seax and scabbard
total length: 48 cm
height: 20 cm
width: 4 cm

data leather scabbard
thickness leather: app. 3 mm
leather tanning: vegetal, dyed, greased

Delivery content: 1 seax with scabbard!
seax comes sharpened!