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The eating awl is the ancestor of the fork and can very well be used on a medieval banquet table. It may as well be used as a tool for leather crafting.
The stabile awl from the "Veit" series can be used to poke through thick leather to make way for the sewing awl. Other, than with a hole puncher, the hole of an awl is not punched, but the material is ousted to the side. The hole will close around the thread and the fissure stayes tight and will not open. The big ring on the end of the hilt does not only look good, but can be used to pull the awl out of the leather.
The grip and the ring are both torqued. The steel was sanded down only a little, so that the wrought iron character stays visible.

Hint: It may be neccessary to sharpen the awl after using it on hard, thick upper leather.

Material: steel
Length: 20,5 cm
Weight: app. 40 g