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Tarot at Midnight: 21 Short Tales

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In the world of Tarot, all is not what it seems; signs are hidden in the landscapes, visions are buried just below the conscious mind, and the magic permeates in the everywhere. Begin the journey with The Magician in a swamp filled with music and mystery. Meet the High Priestess on the small plantation where blood must be sacrificed. Escape to The Empress’s flower garden. Wind your way to the medieval faire to find the Hermit and see how the Lovers meet. Let the Chariot guide you to a new destination. Find comfort in Temperance, and catch a plane with Death. Discover that immortality is not wonderful at the Tower. Join the Emperor’s fight against world domination and find out just what in The World is in that bucket of chicken.
Meet the fey and the different. Time travel from past to future. Feel the mystical power of Tarot.

Carla Girtman (Author, Editor), Carol Clark (Author), Genevieve Worthington (Author), Seth Nelsen Bingham (Author), Aaron L Garrison (Author), Gwendolyn Michaels (Author), Megan Elizabeth Stafford (Author), Linda Neiswender (Author), Eric Girtman (Illustrator)