The Viking Warrior: The Norse Raiders who terrorised Medieval Europe - Ben Hubbard

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Beginning in 789 CE, the Vikings raided monasteries, sacked settlements, and invaded the Atlantic coast of Europe and the British Isles. They looted and enslaved their enemies, terrorizing all whom they encountered. But that is only part of their story. Sailing their famous longboats, they discovered Iceland and landed on North American shores, colonized Greenland, founded Dublin, and besieged Paris. They settled everywhere across the northern hemisphere, conquered eastern England, and fought battles from Ireland to the Caspian Sea. They traded walruses with Inuits, brought Russian furs to Western Europe, and took European slaves to Constantinople. Their graves contain Arab silver, Byzantine silks, Frankish weapons, and other artifacts. With its lavish art, photographs, and maps, The Viking Warrior examines these fearsome warriors through their origins, social structure, raiding culture, weapons, trading networks, and settlements.