Tulisija irroitettavilla jaloilla halkaisija 44,5cm

Tulisija irroitettavilla jaloilla halkaisija 44,5cm

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Fire-bowl with removable legs

This wrought-iron fire-bowl made by Ulfberth® is practical and decorative; it’s simply brilliant.  Created especially for historical camps it nevertheless enables you to spark off an authentic fire even in areas, where campfires normally are forbidden, as e.g. park areas or pavements in city centers. The legs provide sufficient distance to probably sensitive surfaces. You can also use this fire-bowl together with a fire-basket (e.g. ULF-CP-42). Blaze and ash of the fire in the basket can be picked up in the bowl. Or you can place the frame on a campfire and use it for holding vessels to keep their contents warm. Of course this bowl is not only suitable for historical camps and markets but perfect as well for the small fire in the home garden.

This fire-bowl has been handcrafted from iron. The forged legs are removable. That’s why the bowl doesn’t need much space for transporting and storing.

- Material: 2mm steel, hand-forged legs from iron
- Diameter of bowl: approx. 44.5 cm
- Total height, built-on: approx. 28 cm
- Height of bowl: approx. 6 cm
- Weight: approx. 4 kg

A product of ULFBERTH®.