Vendelin aikainen kypärä silmikolla ja rengaspanssarilla, battle-read, M-koko

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Vendel Period spectical helmet with chainmail aventail, battle-ready

In the style of a Vendel spangenhelm, we have developed this helmet that is fully suitable for combat. It is suitable for representation from around 550 AD to the Viking Age (late 1066). The helmet cap consists of two welded, 1.6mm thick sheet metal parts, which are reinforced by the overlapping, riveted iron bands (clasps).

The “glasses”, handcrafted from two sheets of steel, reach far below the wearer's nose. They are also riveted to the helmet. The aventail is made of riveted spring steel rings (inner diameter 8mm) is attached to it and to the edge of the helmet. The helmet also has a riveted, very high-quality, adjustable padded insert along with a robust chin strap made of leather and a brass buckle.

The Vendel period was an era that precedes the Viking Age, numerous artefacts, jewellery, weapons and armour parts have been found on archaeological digs. The original helmet on which our battle-ready reconstruction is based was found in Valsgärde.

This helmet model is available in sizes M and L.

- Material: approx.1.6 mm steel
- Chain well made of non-riveted spring steel rings (type of braid BTW)
- Padded fabric inlet and cowhide chin strap


Size max. head circumference approx. Depth forehead to rear approx. inner width ear to ear approx. weight approx.
M 62 cm 22 cm 19 cm 4,8 kg
L 64 cm 23 cm 20 cm 5,4 kg


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