Viikinkiaiheiset kalvosinnapit

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Sisältää veron Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Tuttu viikinkisymboli - nyt myös kalvosinnapeissa! Hankimme näitä pienen kokeiluerän Englannista, myyjänä Bassin&Brown. 

Napin halkaisija on 1,8 cm ja kiinnitysmekanismi on ns. luodinmuotoinen tappimalli.

This pair of Bassin and Brown Viking Symbol cufflinks will make a thoughtful gift for those with a love of Viking history and Norse mythology. The image measures approximately 18mm in diameter and is encased in a clear hardened glass cabochon fitting with a polished silver toned metal finish. These stunning cufflinks are presented and delivered in a Bassin and Brown buff coloured recyclable kraft gift box and feature a swivel back design so adding and removing the cufflinks from a shirt cuff can be done with complete ease.