Viikinkikypärä silmikolla ja aventaililla

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This Viking Age helmet is crafted from 1.2 mm steel. Suitable for head circumference up to approx. 66 cm.

It consists of a blackened, domed helmet bowl, a brow-band running round the bowl's edge, two intersecting strips or bands (in German so-called Spangen) running respectively from front to back and from ear to ear, and a spectacle guard (a protective face plate resembling eyeglasses / spectacles) with nasal protection. The strips and the eye/face protection are adorned with a Celtic-style knotwork or interlace pattern.

The interior is blackened and fitted with an adjustable leather suspension liner attached with rivets. The 2 mm thick black leather chin strap closes with a steel buckle.
A shoulder-length chainmail aventail protects the neck, throat and lower facial part. The mail weave is composed of butted steel rings with an inner diameter of approx. 9 mm. 

The spangenhelm was the predominant helmet type of the early European Middle Ages. However, the helmet we offer here is not an authentic reproduction of an original historical example, but rather a free interpretation of the early medieval or Germanic nasal helmets, spangenhelms / cross-band helmets and spectacle helmets from the Vendel Period and Viking Age.

- Material: 1.2 mm blackened steel bowl, steel bands, brass fittings, leather inlay, leather chin strap
- Chainmail aventail: butted steel rings, ID 9 mm
- Long distance (back to front): approx. 21 cm
- Short distance (ear to ear): approx. 21 cm
- Height (without aventail): approx. 16 cm (approx. 26 cm with spectacle/nose guard)
- Length of aventail (fully stretched): approx. 30 cm
- Weight (with aventail): approx. 4.5 kg