Viikinkipäähine villaa, eri värejä

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Viking cap

Headgear such as this was predominantly worn by men in the Middle Ages. In terms of appearance, the caps often differed in their elaborateness. Some caps were made plain, others were decorated with skins and the like.

Our model is a plain cap made of a wool-blend fabric with a large proportion of wool. The fabric is very sturdy and has simple embroidery at the seams for visual effect. The pattern is very simple, with 4 pieces of fabric sewn together to make a cap.

Available in 3 different sizes:
-S/M = approx. 54/56 cm head circumference.
-L/XL = approx. 58/60 cm head circumference
-XXL/XXXL = approx. 62/64 cm head circumference

Material: wool blend (75.10 % wool, 12.95 % polyester, 6.93 % nylon, 3.37 % cotton, 1.65 % viscose.).
Care instructions: We recommend hand washing