Viborg viikinkitunika

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Viborg viikinkitunikan malli perustuu arkeologisiin löytöihin 1000-luvulta. Leikkaus on tuolle aikakaudelle uniikki. Tunika sopii niin alus- kuin pääliasuksi. Autenttisen viikinki-ilmeen aikaansaamiseksi suosittelemme yhdistämään siihen vyön, jalkakääreet ja Rus-malliset housut.

Materiaali: 100% puuvilla

Värit: luonnonvalkoinen, tumma sininen, vihreä, musta

Koot: S-XXL

Pituus L-koossa: 100cm (niskan keskiosasta helmaan mitattuna)


Viking Tunic, Viborg Reconstruction

The look and cut of this tunic are based on an archaeological find dating back to the 11th century. In 1984, a bundle of plain weave fabric was discovered during excavations in Viborg, Denmark. As it turned out, the bundle was composed of individual fragments that could be reassembled into a tunic. Only the back and the sleeves were not completely preserved, which thus leaves a little room for interpretation.

The tunic has a very elaborate and unique cut for the time. The upper torso (front and back) consists of two layers and features a rectangular piece of material from which diagonal seams lead away. The neckline has two slits that are closed by means of tie bands. The sleeve head is cut straight and fitted with an additional gusset (triangular piece of fabric) in the armpit area. The sleeve is composed of three panel pieces and tapers towards the cuff. The side seams are slit, with the rear part reaching a few centimeters over the front and covering the upper part of the slits.

Our cotton tunic is a unique reconstruction of the medieval Viborg tunic. We have attached particular importance to the correct positioning of the panel seams, the finishing details and the right proportions. For aesthetic reasons, we have slightly extended the overall length of the body and sleeves to have a Viking tunic with full-length sleeves and a hem that hits at mid to lower thigh.
The elaborate tunic we offer here is equally suited as an outer garment or undergarment. The 100% cotton fabric is quite sturdy and double-layered at upper torso level.

This tunic is the perfect garment for the portrayal of Norsemen. For an authentic look, we recommend you to combine it with a belt, winningas (leg wraps) and Rus pants.

- Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
- Colour: natural (also available: dark blue, green)
- Material: 100% cotton
- Length overall size L: approx. 100 cm
(measured from the centre back neck down to the bottom hem)
- Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry